Gulf South Texans Team Names

The Texans list and color code their teams in each age group by the following:

Ex. 09 Texans, 09 Red, 09 White, 09 Black, 09 Gold, 09 Silver and 09 Bronze

How and when do the goalkeepers try out?

GK’s will be evaluated along with their age groups at tryouts. Like all players, existing goalkeepers are evaluated year-round.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available to families that demonstrate qualified financial need. There is an application/review process in place. An application form must be completed and submitted to the Gulf South Texans to be considered. Any award received applies towards training fees only. The $275 commitment fee is still due at signing.

 After tryouts, what then?

Coaches will post teams online by tryout numbers.  After posting teams an email will be sent out with a registration link.  That link will be your offer for the team. Following tryouts, coaches will meet with the players and parents  each team and hand out team sheets with our yearly planner.

 If an offer is made, how long do we have to decide?

We are very aware there are now several clubs in our area. We are very supportive of kids and parents attending different tryouts/player placements to make an educated decision on where to play. We ask that you make a decision within 48 hours of our last tryout. 

A roster spot is confirmed ONLY when the commitment paperwork and commitment fee are received.

Do you have to pay the entire fee at one time?

No, but the $275 commitment fee is due upon signing a commitment to join a team. The remainder of the fees can be paid over 6 months. A payment schedule is provided. The uniform fee is due when ordered.

Where will practices be held?

Practices will be held at Jefferson Baptist Church at 9135 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70809.

How often do teams practice?

Gulf South Texan teams practice two to three times a week, depending on the level of each team.

Do the training fees include tournaments?

The fees include two tournament fees per season (two in fall, two in the spring) as well as the coach's expenses. They DO NOT include elective tournaments, or extra showcases.

Is the uniform fee included in the fees listed?

NO. Uniforms must be purchased through The Soccer Corner in Plano, Texas and will be shipped to you. 

 How long are the uniforms used?

The uniforms remain the same for 2 years (2022-2024)