Basic criteria and procedures have been established to review and accept prospective clubs into our program. The following provisions are an overview, as circumstances vary and as additional policies, documentation and requirements may be instituted
at our discretion.

• Evaluation – An application must be requested from our Dallas office. The number for the office is 972-612-5589. Consideration will be made based on, but not limited to such information as club philosophy, quality of coaching staff, competitiveness, administrative staffs, organizational infrastructure, facilities, apparel sponsor, stability, financial condition, size, and reputation in the soccer community.

• Operation – An Affiliate shall continue to maintain its separate legal organization, board of directors and officers. It may also continue its current operating policies and procedures, except as required for it to participate in the affiliation benefits that it chooses to take advantage of. The new Affiliate shall continue to manage its own legal and financial matters and Dallas Texans Soccer Club shall have no control over such matters.

• History – All clubs being considered for affiliation must be in good standing with the United States Soccer Federation, the United States Youth Soccer Association and/or the state soccer association relevant to the applicant.

• Names and Trademark – Upon acceptance, the new Affiliate will assume a new name that will link it to the Dallas Texans. The new name would normally refer to the city or the state of the new Affiliate and will include the “Texans” brand and logo. New affiliates may maintain their current registered legal name but will go by their new official name on their websites, letterheads, brochures, other publications, uniforms, practice gear and other appropriate application.

• Fee - An affiliation fee will be agreed on by the Affiliate and the Dallas Texans Soccer Club that can be paid in installments agreed upon by both clubs.

• Technical Director - Because of our reputation, the Dallas Texans organization has access to highly qualified technical directors from all over the country. Upon request of the new Affiliate, we will be able to provide a new DOC. The salary for the new DOC will be agreed upon by the new Affiliate. If a DOC is already in place then he/she will work closely with our technical directors.

• Coaching Visits and Assistance - The Dallas Texans’ DOC’s and coaching staff will periodically visit the new Affiliate’s site each year in order to assist with coaching techniques, training the teams, meeting with the coaches, meeting with the Board, seminars with parents and any other requirements the Affiliate may need. The time of these visits will be mutually agreed upon by both clubs.

• Summary – The Dallas Texans Soccer Club and its current Affiliates take great pride in our national reputation and the successthat has been experienced to date. We believe that our philosophy and methods have been the source of our accomplishmentsand can help others to experience the same types of achievements. In addition, each new Affiliate contributes to the strength of the organization. We welcome and accept any and all clubs that share our vision and aspire to align with us in our passionate quest for the development of young people through soccer.

• Contact - Please Contact us at the Dallas Texans Soccer Office: (972) 612-5589