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    The Gulf South Texans were created to provide kids and parents another option for soccer development in the Baton Rouge area, as well as throughout Louisiana. 




    • Gulf South Texans players are eligible to participate in the ECNL along with other top-level competition with the Dallas Texans. We will be actively monitoring and evaluating our players to provide them an opportunity to play at higher levels whenever possible. 
    • Gulf South Texans will play under the governing body of US Club Soccer. As a National Association member of U.S. Soccer, US Club Soccer registers players and staff, provides insurance coverage, provides and sanctions competitions and events as well as a variety of other programming for its members. We will participate in certain leagues/tournaments that are registered under US Club Soccer.
    • Gulf South Texans WILL NOT have any association or be an affiliate of the Louisiana Soccer Association (LSA). This gives us fewer restrictions on how we can develop Gulf South Texans players, as well as scheduling our games with more input from each team and other factors. We will follow the rules and regulations set forth by US Club Soccer, and not those set by the Louisiana Soccer Association.
    • The main goal of Gulf South Texans is to develop the player and coaches as WHOLE individuals. In order to achieve this, we will challenge each player at all levels. Our goal is to get each player to be "Comfortable being Uncomfortable" in order to hasten development. Mistakes are not discouraged, but rather encouraged in order for players to learn.
    • The Texans coaching staff will make determinations about players playing up in age groups, as well as when and how much. We take player development very seriously and will focus on the best methods to push each player to maximize  his or her physical and mental capabilities.

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    • These are teams who will be representing our club in what is know as competitive soccer (boys and girls).
    • Competitive tryouts are for players born in 2002-2011. 
    • Tryout dates are TBD due to the COVID situation. 
    • If you are not comfortable having your son or daughter attend tryouts, we will offer other times to be evaluated when you are comfortable.


    2002-2011 BIRTH YEARS


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    Orlando Cervantes

    Orlando Cervantes

    Gulf South Texans

    Phone: (925) 323-5425


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    Gulf South Texans Academy and Futures Programs

    The Gulf South Texans are happy to announce the 2020-2021 Futures and Academy Programs! These programs provide players with a fundamental base for soccer and motor skill development.

    Both programs will take place at Jefferson Baptist Church in Baton Rouge beginning mid-September. The Futures program will take place on Mondays from 5:30-7:00 PM. The Academy program will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 PM.

    The costs for each program are:

    FUTURES (Ages 3-6):

    • $120 per season (fall and spring)
    • You can choose to register for only one season.

    ACADEMY (Ages 6-10):

    • $300 per season (fall and spring)
    • You can choose to register for only one season.

    For more information on either of these programs, please contact Orlando Cervantes at or (925) 323-5425.

    Ages 9-10

    The Academy level would be comparable to what is considered "recreational soccer" with the major difference of having professional, rather than volunteer coaches. The program practices twice a week in the fall and spring. You can choose to play in the fall, spring, or both seasons. The Texans have applied to a Louisiana league for Academy aged teams. We will also play both in-house and friendly games. 

    The Gulf South Texans Academy program is focused on individual player development. It is important for these players to move from the motor development stage to building the base of their soccer skills. Specifically dribbling, passing, receiving, and overall confidence on the ball.

    Academy uniforms are purchased separately. The Gulf South Texans have applied to entrance into an Academy league in Louisiana and will player several tournaments and friendlies in both the fall and winter seasons.

    Please email for more information on our Academy program.


    Gulf South Texans  
    City:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  
    Phone Number: (925) 323-5425